Tawa Physiotherapy Clinic

Rewa Terrace, Tawa
Practice Rooms within Tawa Medical Centre
Phone: 0800 627497


Monday: 8am- 6pm

Tuesday: 8am - 5.00pm

Wednesday: 8am - 6pm

Thursday: 8am - 5.00pm 

Friday - 8am - 5pm  

Sunday & Saturday: Closed

For emergency assistance please go to either Wellington Hospital or after hours medical centre



North City Physiotherapy has been providing physiotherapy services in Tawa Medical centre coming towards 10 years now. We have two physiotherapists providing high quality physiotherapy services. The service has close links with the doctors at both Tawa and Linden, as well as servicing the local community in Tawa/Linden and Redwood. We have close relationships and support with Tawa College, Tawa FC, and Tawa Rugby. 

*Note: As our clinic is located on the first floor, if stairs is an issue be sure to let us know prior to your appointment. You can be seen at the in the Tawa Mall across the road.