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Running: All you need to know.
19 March 2018 12:24AM
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Running has been described as the world’s most accessible sport. It’s probably true. It’s free. It can be adjusted to anybody. Different speeds and di...

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Tips For Helping Kids of Today Stay Active
31 January 2018 12:48AM
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Research shows that many children today are struggling to meet their daily recommended targets for physical activity. We know that inactivity is a ris...

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Grind, Crack, Creak - Why are my knee's noisy?
16 January 2018 4:33AM
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I see a lot of clients in the clinic who come to me for knee pain or in fact I am seeing for something different and state their knee's make noise, li...

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No pain no gain!
12 December 2017 3:35AM
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Now I’m sure this is an expression that many of you have heard before and have quite potentially said yourself. It’s that little mental game that w...

04 December 2017 12:00AM
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    Healing By Ryan Hickling - Staff Physiotherapist As physiotherapists, a common question that a lot of our clients ask us is ‘how long will this ...

10 things not to do if you have lower limb tendon pain
03 September 2017 12:44PM
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10 tips based on contemporary knowledge of how to treat lower limb tendinopathy. A video summary of Prof Jill Cook's La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medic...

Why Not to Cheat
13 August 2017 9:58PM
Bridget Stewart - Staff Physiotherapist

Why Not to Cheat Cheating as a word is always seen in a negative light. Cheating on a test or when playing sport are things which most of us tend to a...

Chronic Pain - Tame the beast
02 August 2017 7:51PM
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In this amazing video, the professor Lorimer Moseley explaining us what really is chronic pain.[embed width="480" height="270" class="leftAlone" thumb...

The Shoulder Blade
23 July 2017 7:55PM
Jack Waller - Staff Physiotherapist

The Shoulder BladeShoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries seen in the clinic. Your shoulder blade or Scapula (to use the anatomical ter...