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ice and heat
Ice vs. Heat – The Debate
26 March 2017 5:58PM
Joanne Sullivan - Staff Physiotherapist

Recently I have been asked by several clients “what should I put on my injury, ice or heat? And what are the differences?” As physiotherapists, we see...

Understanding pain
19 March 2017 6:34PM
Emily Bourne - Senior Physiotherapist

As Physiotherapists, we deal with pain on a daily basis when trying to help our clients achieve their goals. Our bodies’ pain system is very complex a...

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Body weight circuits Part Two - The Lunge
28 February 2017 4:49PM
Chris Trickett - Senior Physiotherapist

Welcome back to the second part of my body weight circuit exercise newsletters. Here I will be introducing a lower body exercise that requires minimal...

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ACL Prevention Programme
19 February 2017 9:54AM
Stephen Heron - Senior Physiotherapist

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common injury in active individuals. Statistically females are up to five times more likely to suffer injury...

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Exercise technology
02 February 2017 8:05PM
Default Admin

At North City Physiotherapy we pride ourselves in offering our patients the latest technologies to help you achieve your outcomes. To create your tail...

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11 December 2016 6:41PM
Default Admin

Hey Everyone, just to let you know we are open during the Christmas and New Year period on the non public holiday period. Please don't hesitate to con...

Push up Routine For Beginners
Body weight circuits Part One - The humble press up
04 December 2016 6:01PM
Chris Trickett - Senior Physiotherapist

Welcome to the first of a series of exercise based newsletters from me that will make up a full body weight circuit that can be done without equipment...

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Oww! My aching tendons
15 November 2016 3:03PM
Ashley Crawford - Physiotherapist

Thankfully it is getting a bit warmer! For a number of us, this time of year signals the need to crawl out of hibernation over the winter and start pr...

Back pain? Physiotherapy can help.
02 November 2016 7:55PM
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Check how how physio can help with back pain: [embed width="480" height="270" class="leftAlone" thumbnail="

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Attention PC TAG Players !
18 October 2016 5:56PM

Tag season is about to start. North City Physiotherapy are the go to physio's to help you get through your season. Whether its a hammy strain, pulled ...