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frozen shoulder syndrome
I have a frozen shoulder!
21 August 2016 6:14PM
Atif Razvi

By Atif Razvi - Director/Senior PhysiotherapistIn my many years of being a physio, I have come across countless clients who have been told or self dia...

track and field 2 1433594
Let’s put a spring in our step!
08 August 2016 4:34PM
Ashley Crawford - Staff Physiotherapist

From being stuffed into cramped shoes or walking on scolding sandy beaches the life of a foot is not that glamourous. Some people despise them but, cr...

smoking 1313435
Is Sitting the new smoking?
05 August 2016 4:39PM
Stephen Heron

By Stephen Heron - Senior PhysiotherapistFrom the car, to the desk and back home to the couch. We are spending more and more time being sedentary than...

depression 1439139
05 August 2016 4:36PM
Atif Razvi

By Atif Razvi - Director & Senior Physiotherapist Headaches are prevalent in today's society. If you one of those people out there or of know someone ...

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Maintaining a healthy weight? Diet vs. Exercise explained….
05 August 2016 4:35PM
Yannik Wouts

By Yannik Wouts - Staff PhysiotherapistBeing healthy is easy on paper, so why are there so many living such unhealthy lifestyles and why does it seem ...

FASCIA. The fuzz word
05 August 2016 4:35PM
Stephen Heron

By Stephen Heron - Senior PhysiotherapistWhen we think of the human body we usually picture our skeleton or perhaps a body of muscles. But the most th...

man and muscles 1426099
Muscles – more than just a seafood!
05 August 2016 4:34PM
Chris Trickett - Senior Physiotherapist

As a Physiotherapist muscles and what they do, or sometimes what they need to, is a fairly regular topic of conversation with our clients.  This is of...

xray 1428322
Medical Imaging
01 August 2016 4:38PM
James Flannery

By James Flannery - PhysiotherapistIn this newsletter, we’ll take a look at the three primary types of medical imaging that you might come across whil...

splash 1180502
01 August 2016 12:00AM
Ashley Crawford - Staff Physiotherapist

Hey Everyone, Just a friendly reminder to keep moving!As physio’s sometimes we can be very picky about how we want you to move, stretch, jump, land or...