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Oww! My aching tendons
15 November 2016 3:03PM
Ashley Crawford - Physiotherapist

Thankfully it is getting a bit warmer! For a number of us, this time of year signals the need to crawl out of hibernation over the winter and start pr...

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Let’s put a spring in our step!
08 August 2016 4:34PM
Ashley Crawford - Staff Physiotherapist

From being stuffed into cramped shoes or walking on scolding sandy beaches the life of a foot is not that glamourous. Some people despise them but, cr...

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Maintaining a healthy weight? Diet vs. Exercise explained….
05 August 2016 4:35PM
Yannik Wouts

By Yannik Wouts - Staff PhysiotherapistBeing healthy is easy on paper, so why are there so many living such unhealthy lifestyles and why does it seem ...

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01 August 2016 12:00AM
Ashley Crawford - Staff Physiotherapist

Hey Everyone, Just a friendly reminder to keep moving!As physio’s sometimes we can be very picky about how we want you to move, stretch, jump, land or...

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Nutrition and Injury
30 November 2015 10:29AM
Emily Borne - Senior Physiotherapist

Eat your way to a full recovery from injury! In this months newsletter we will be looking at the basics of nutrition to help manage inflammation and s...