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Oww! My aching tendons
15 November 2016 3:03PM
Ashley Crawford - Physiotherapist

Thankfully it is getting a bit warmer! For a number of us, this time of year signals the need to crawl out of hibernation over the winter and start pr...

trigger point areas of the upper back
Release the knots
17 October 2016 3:05PM
Sam Jones - Physiotherapist

Ever gone to a physiotherapist and heard them say just going to try trigger point this muscle or you have a myofascial pain or you have a knot in this...

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Muscles – more than just a seafood!
05 August 2016 4:34PM
Chris Trickett - Senior Physiotherapist

As a Physiotherapist muscles and what they do, or sometimes what they need to, is a fairly regular topic of conversation with our clients.  This is of...