Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession concerned with improving the way you move, and enhancing your quality of life, by giving you the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition. 

Many of us have experienced aches and pains and niggles from either sitting at the desk or for no real reason at all! These are what we describe as “common complaints” – aches or pains or niggles that we all experience every now and again.

There are many different injuries that fall under the common complaints – these are injuries such as non specific lower back pain – this may be caused by sitting in a bad posture at your computer for a prolonged period of time. This may cause joint stiffness and subsequently muscle tightness and therefore pain. This type of injury is seen and successfully treated every day at our clinics. Common injury complaints can often start out as just a “niggle” and then develop into a real problem.

After a full analysis of body posture, flexibility and strength, a personalised plan will be devised and throughout a course of treatments, we encourage self-help techniques so that you can take control of your recovery.

North City Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatment and lifestyle options which have been demonstrated with research to be effective in the management of both acute and chronic conditions. Your therapist will assess your needs and make an appropriate recommendation in order for you to achieve your goals.

‘Our priority is to relieve pain and restore your quality of life’.