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Talk To A Physio

Arrange Your Free (15 Minutes) Telephone Consultation With A PhysioIf you are not quite ready to go ahead and book an appointment with a Physio right ...

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Back pain - FREE REPORT!

Learn from us how you can immediately start helping your back pain. Back pain is as common as well the common cold. Do have the a dull ache or even a ...

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Knee Pain - FREE REPORT!

If you’re living with bad knees, or if they are painful or just ache - you might think that it’s “just something that comes with age”, it’s a bit of “...

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Tips For Helping Kids of Today Stay Active
31 January 2018 12:48AM
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Research shows that many children today are struggling to meet their daily recommended targets for physical activity. We know that inactivity is a ris...

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Grind, Crack, Creak - Why are my knee's noisy?
16 January 2018 4:33AM
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I see a lot of clients in the clinic who come to me for knee pain or in fact I am seeing for something different and state their knee's make noise, li...

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No pain no gain!
12 December 2017 3:35AM
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Now I’m sure this is an expression that many of you have heard before and have quite potentially said yourself. It’s that little mental game that w...

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Atif Razvi
Director & Senior Physiotherapist
Chris Trickett
Senior Physiotherapist
Maumahara Keelan
Senior Physiotherapist
Brooke Cully
Senior Physiotherapist
Physiotherapy New Zealand
Southern Cross Health Socierty
Tawa Rugby
Revolve Fitness
City Fitness
Jetts Gym
Tawa Football Club
North Wellington AFC
St George Rugby League
Porirua Vikings Rugby League
Porirua City Rugby League
  • Chris


    Chris was fantastic to deal with. I do Waka and was unable to continue through an injury. Chris had me back on track with some fantastic stretches and excerises that worked a treat. Well done Chris your great at your job and was a pleasure to deal with you



    I have been treated by Atif Razvi for the past year. He is very professional, caring and compassionate. He knows just how much to push you and when not to. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

  • Emily


    Mau was fantastic - I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a physio. She worked on making sure the exercises and stretches she gave me would work in with my lifestyle so that everything was manageable. Thankyou!



    Emily was a lovely person to deal with, very friendly and made me fell at ease. She helped with my wrist pain and gave me good excercises to do which helped me to resolve the problem quite quickly.

  • Anne


    I was so happy with my treatment. Jack was so helpful and the relief I received from my pain felt like a miracle to me as I had been so depressed by my pain. I can only say a huge THANKYOU. 



    Atif and the team at North City Physio are nothing short of amazing. I always felt welcomed and comfortable. I have been to a fair few physio's in my time and Atif has been the best by far. In the six months that I was seeing Atif I was very impressed with the care that he showed for me and my injury, it was careful and calculated. He went out of his way to ensure my injury was diagnosed as quickly as possible and gave me a rehab plan to suit. The fact that I could get back in to sport 4 months after an ACL tear is testament to Atif and his treatment. I can't thank you enough! 

  • Hiliary

    Jo was friendly, helpful and professional. She was particularly good at finding exercises that I could do properly, and in making sure I understood how to do them. I left every session feeling better and understanding what aspect of my recovery I was working on between sessions. I was very happy with the help I got from Jo and heartily recommend her. 


    Ryan is all ways very positive and friendly he remembers what we have talked about and is all ways on top of new ways to help my pain 

  • Anne Thompson

    I was so happy with my treatment. Jack was so helpful and the relief I received from my pain felt like a miracle to me as I had been so depressed by my pain. I can only say a huge THANKYOU.


    Avalon Retter

    Jack was meticulous in ensuring he knew all the necessary information about my injury. He was professional and friendly and made sure that he explained everything thoroughly, which I really appreciated. I've learned a lot about the anatomy of my injury and how I can fix it and, hopefully, prevent it happening again.