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trigger point areas of the upper back
Release the knots
17 October 2016 3:05PM
Sam Jones - Physiotherapist

Ever gone to a physiotherapist and heard them say just going to try trigger point this muscle or you have a myofascial pain or you have a knot in this...

Acupunture in Physiotherapy
17 October 2016 3:02PM
Emily Bourne - Senior Physiotherapist

Many people have heard of the term but may not know much about it. In my clinical experience, some clients are even nervous about the thought of it to...

stress 2 2
Are you too busy?
18 September 2016 7:42PM
Stephen Heron

How do you respond when someone asks you how your day has been? Have you noticed how often people respond with busy?We live in a fast paced culture wh...

Reflecting on a season with Tawa Rugby
17 September 2016 5:57PM
James Flannery

I was fortunate enough this year to have been a part of Tawa Rugby’s amazing season and successful Jubilee cup campaign. I want to take this opportuni...

frozen shoulder syndrome
I have a frozen shoulder!
21 August 2016 6:14PM
Atif Razvi

By Atif Razvi - Director/Senior PhysiotherapistIn my many years of being a physio, I have come across countless clients who have been told or self dia...

track and field 2 1433594
Let’s put a spring in our step!
08 August 2016 4:34PM
Ashley Crawford - Staff Physiotherapist

From being stuffed into cramped shoes or walking on scolding sandy beaches the life of a foot is not that glamourous. Some people despise them but, cr...

smoking 1313435
Is Sitting the new smoking?
05 August 2016 4:39PM
Stephen Heron

By Stephen Heron - Senior PhysiotherapistFrom the car, to the desk and back home to the couch. We are spending more and more time being sedentary than...

depression 1439139
05 August 2016 4:36PM
Atif Razvi

By Atif Razvi - Director & Senior Physiotherapist Headaches are prevalent in today's society. If you one of those people out there or of know someone ...

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Maintaining a healthy weight? Diet vs. Exercise explained….
05 August 2016 4:35PM
Yannik Wouts

By Yannik Wouts - Staff PhysiotherapistBeing healthy is easy on paper, so why are there so many living such unhealthy lifestyles and why does it seem ...

FASCIA. The fuzz word
05 August 2016 4:35PM
Stephen Heron

By Stephen Heron - Senior PhysiotherapistWhen we think of the human body we usually picture our skeleton or perhaps a body of muscles. But the most th...